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We have devised some interesting, healthy and pleasurable morning and afternoon daily activities, it would be a great delight to us if you would care to come along and allow us to share with you some of our uniquely Thai skills and qualities

Should you require a more personal or specific class, or experience, tailored to your own requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our management.


Leisure Pleasure at Asara

  • Yoga on the beach - Start the day by balancing your physical and spiritual unity, embrace the fresh sea air and gently awaken your senses to the pleasures of Asara.
  • Cooking Class – Discover the culinary secrets of the world acclaimed traditional Thai cuisine and take home the knowledge and skill to recreate your favourite dishes. (Regular classes and by special request available)
  • Fruit Carving – We eat not only with our mouths but with our eyes; fruit carving beautifies and decorates, enhancing the anticipation and appreciation of the palate. Our Thai expert will guide you through the techniques enabling you to transform your dining presentation.
  • Flower Design Workshop – Garlands and floral displays are a particular highlight of any greeting, ceremony or display in Thai culture – learn how to design and assemble for yourself stunning colourful creations using nature’s delicate gems.
  • Origami – Originating from the Japanese art of paper-folding, discover how in Thai culture the leaves and reeds, found in our tropical Thai paradise, inspired the country craft of fashioning beautiful birds, fish and dragonflies from these naturally abundant materials
  • Massage – Thailand is recognised as the spa capital of the world, its traditions of natural medicines and therapeutic massages go back for centuries. Our classes provide an insight and introduction to the skills and techniques of this classical art. (Regular classes and by special request available)


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