Press Recommendations

"Romantic by the sea" suddenly came in my mind when I first met Asara. The lush tropical of Asara is perfectly suitable for the real relax to the sounds of the ocean without any interrupt, but only the finest services form Asara staffs.

>Suphan Tumna, Senior Writer - ARENA Magazine

"Luxury-Friendly-Relaxation-Comfort" these I felt by my soul and body with Asara. The truly service mind of all staffs, accommodations are well prepared and worked such as; the standard equipments and the well take care of the trainer in the gym room. All prepared in the villa are quality proved, in the bed I can fell asleep immediately, and the bathroom supplies are superb, leaving your skin with a fresh herbal smell. By the way most of all Khun Ben, the hotel manager, is so nice and respected who always gives me sincere expression for my work and life.

>Kanokwan Maison, Feature Editor - Daybeds Magazine

The hotel gives a feeling of serenity, the lush vegetation around and within the hotel gives a rustic and warm appeal. The villa is spacious and comfortable. The staff are friendly and attentive. The food is superb, too.

>Jeanette E.Caquilala, Sub-Editor - Calendar Thailand Magazine

I was so impressed with villas and the nice service also all activities during 2 days, and whish to back again.

>Orana Deenoppakao, Sales & Marketing -  Calendar Thailand Magazine

I was so impressed with the villas and the nice service, also all activities during 2 days, and I wish to come back again.

>Kanokros Lunpootae, Photographer - Calendar Thailand Magazine

It seem like happiness is really surround me.

>Poosanisa Lowisut, Photographer - Cosmopolitant Magazine

"Asara" is the place where you can touch the happiness in the concrete.

>Benjawan Meewon, Editor Staff - Cosmopolitant Magazine

The perfect setting surrounded by a lush tropical seaside landscape, the bed is perfect for a relaxing and the very best of services from staffs were impressed me so.

>Teerawat Kumlit, Photographer - Esquire Magazine


We were greeted very warmly and smiling when  w e arrived, this is my first impress with Asara. The villas are privacy surrounded by the lush landscaped garden to add a touch of cool and pleasant when walking around the hotel. All the food I tasted was excellent and fresh you will ask for more till you are full.


>Paphangkorn Pitiwatthana, Editor Staff - First Magazine

Full of happiness and serenity in total relaxation with fabulous views towards the sea, nice services from the nice staffs. I can not say enough good things about Asara only happiness.

>Thanaprakorn Suksalee, Editor Staff - First Magazine

Unbelievable peaceful seaside hotel, all staffs are really nice and friendly with guests. 

>Siriluk Kedrudee, Writer - Flash Magazine

The villa provides an elegant, spacious and comfortable accommodation. The lush garden environment is total rejuvenation.

>Viyada U-lai, Editor Staff - Health Plus Magazine

The villa provides an elegant, spacious and comfortable accommodation. The lush garden environment is total rejuvenation.

>Sansern Poontavee, Photographer - Health Plus Magazine

Asara is another one of my newest impressed  experience which performs Thailand's 5-star hotel standard perfectly. And most of all the food is superb both Thai and international.

>Nattavimol Mahintoratep, Writer - Her World Magazine

The hotel services are so impressed me, the staffs have very good service mind. The room is beautifully decorated and well furnished with full amenities. And I confirm that Asara Thai Bistro - is a haven for truly superb Thai food.

>Worrawich Rujitanont, Writer - Madame Figaro Magazine

On the first meeting, I was so impressed the warmly and friendly welcome from all Asara staffs. A well decorated and the excellent taste of food, Asara is the perfect holiday escape for those who desire a relaxing and private luxurious holiday.

>Anisa Chittapanunth, Editorial Assistant - Men's Health Magazine

Paying attention to little things in services can guarantee that service is not just their duty but it's their soul which is hard to find in the same standard hotels.

>Nithid Sorathee, Copy Writer - Men's Health Magazine

Truly relaxing and peaceful getaway, the staffs are very nice and friendly.

>Sineeporn Marukpitak, Assistant News Editor - Nation Sud Sab Da Newspaper

Still maintains the excellence services and hospitalities, more lush vegetation surrounding with hearty trees and the villa has been perfected since the first time I met. All the food I tasted for this trip was excellent! I can honestly say Asara is one of that most impressed me.

>Waraporn Ployborisuth, Editor-in-Chief - Nature Explorer Magazine

Everything is perfect, I feel like I'm in paradise.

>Santisuk Roopkaew, Women News Editor - Siam Rat Newspaper

This is what I imagine Asara look like, perfect atmosphere, beautiful scenery with excellent service. 2 Days 1 Night seems to be not enough, I hope I'll be back with my family next time. Thanks again for the nice hospitalities from all staffs also the smiley faces along the path to my villa, you all made me realize that Asara is truly the meaning of full service.

>Pimchan Intarakong, Editor Staff - Slimming Magazine

Stylish contemporary Thai design was impressed me since the first met Asara, the excellence services and smiles from all staffs like a charm of Asara which you can feel more then relaxation.

>Atita Benjapong, Photographer - Slimming Magazine

The orange villas surrounded by the lush vegetation, the staffs are really nice and impressed me so. Asara is like nowhere like and nowhere else is like "Asara"

>Vasinee Ongcharit, Reporter - Who? Magazine

Thanks for this wonderful place and excellence food. 

>Noppol Paksuttiphon, Photographer - Who? Magazine

Nice!! :)

>Pacharee Kinchoo, Writer - Viva Bangkok


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